Tús Community Work Placement Initiative

Programme Description

The Tús initiative is a community work placement scheme which provides short-term working opportunities for unemployed people. The work opportunities benefit the local community and are provided by community and voluntary organisations in both urban and rural areas. Tús aims to break the cycle of unemployment and to prepare each person for a return to the labour market. Being employed gives people a sense of purpose and provides a structure to life. It also gives a great sense of social inclusion, identity and status while affording opportunities for development and increased confidence.

Who is it suitable for?

Persons unemployed for 12 months or more and in receipt of Jobseekers benefit or Allowance. Persons in receipt of Disability Allowance. Must be over 18 years of age.

What is the course content?

The aim of Tús is to re-introduce the long term unemployed back to the work force. Participants are guided through interview selection, basic requirements of working ie. bank accounts and online tax accounts. They are trained in Manual Handling. If required they are given instruction on different environmental machinery. They are assisted with the struggles of maintaining a paid position, timekeeping, attendance and the necessity of wearing and using PPE.

Programme Times?

Tús has a 12 month placement contract.


To be eligible to participate on Tus you must have been continuously unemployed for at least 12 months and "signing on" on a full-time basis; and have been receiving a Jobseeker's benefit, Jobseeker's allowance or Disability Allowance.

Self-Refer: There is now a “Self Refer” process for unemployed people who are eligible for this scheme and applicants can apply by contacting their local office. Participants on Tús can take up other employment provided it does not interfere with the work and times of the Tús placement. If participants are offered alternative work or training they may terminate their placement contract if they wish.

When does the next programme commence?

Ongoing throughout the year

What days will the training take place?

Monday - Saturday

How will the programme be delivered?

Work Placement with various sponsor groups

Working Hours: Participants will work for 19.5 hours per week and placement lasts for 12 months. They will receive the same statutory (pro rata) annual leave and public holiday entitlement as other employees.

Tús payment while participating: The Tus rates of payment will be equivalent to your existing Jobseeker's allowance plus a €27.50 top-up with a minimum payment of €259.50. Disability Allowance will continue as normal and you will recieve a top up payment of €27.50. All Tus payments will be made by Electronic Fund Transfer into your Bank Account or Credit Union Account.

Tús Secondary Benefits: You may keep any secondary benefits you had before you took up the scheme such as fuel allowance & medical card, subject to income levels. 

What support to you offer to participants?

All supports within OLDC available to Tús participants

Is the programme certified?


Is there a fee to take part?


Community & Voluntary Groups

Does your organisation have projects which require a labour input? The Tús Scheme (or Rural Social Scheme) may be able to help. An application form for community groups to avail of the scheme can be downloaded (see below).

Programme Contact

Yvonne Corcoran, Tús Supervisor

Offaly Local Development Company
Millennium House,
Main St,
Co. Offaly

Phone: 087 9235230


This is a  Department of  Social Protection service, fully funded by the Department, and delivered under contract in Offaly by OLDC for and on behalf of the Department.