Driving Sustainability

Sustainability comes from collective action that is designed and delivered in a way that includes everyone. We believe that nurturing sustainability is a task for all and not the exclusive domain of academia, statutory bodies, government departments or any one particular sector of our society. Achieving sustainability does, however, require a commitment to partnership.

The principles of sustainability - human, social, economic and environmental - and their development are all connected.  Through our work we seek to provide a package of stimuli for individuals, their families, communities and businesses to help them build resilient and sustainable populations and places, meet their needs and future proof their development. 

We value our surroundings and are very aware of environmental impacts on people, communities, towns and villages throughout the county. We understand that businesses of all sizes are actively working towards a more sustainable future. As a result, we closely collaborate with all segments of our community to provide specialised training and support programs focused on promoting a green environment. We also recognise the significance of adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have developed a dedicated report that serves as a blueprint for all our initiatives.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

To read our Sustainable Development Goals Report please read HERE 

Green Business Programme 

Our Green Business Programme is designed to support the creative sector in Offaly and Westmeath. This program focuses on sustainable product development, best practices in business development considering the Sustainable Development Goals, and developing meaningful partnerships and business relations with other organisations. 

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FLOW - Youth Engagement Programme

FLOW has been designed to re-engage young people, aged 16-25, through holistic and nature based activities. Over a 12 week period, one day per week, participants take part in a series of tailored workshops which deliver practical knowledge in traditional craft-based skills and a reconciliation of self and belonging in community. The majority of activities are ran outdoors at the Irish Heritage School and Birr Castle. This programme is person-centred and workshops are designed to be flexible to participants’ needs and goals.

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