Case Studies - Publications

Welcome to our page where we share some of our online publications showcasing some of the many projects Offaly Local Development Company support directly and others where we collaborate with others to deliver positive outcomes in Offaly and beyond.

Birr Sensory Garden

Established in 2007, Friends of Birr Nursing Unit is committed to enhancing the quality of care and comfort for residents of Birr Community Nursing Unit (BCNU) and people attending their day-care. The group provide funding for equipment, services, complementary therapies and entertainment for the residents and clients.

Edenderry Skate Park

Edenderry Community Skate Park is designed to cater for all levels of skating ability and ages. This park will appeal to beginners, facilitate progression, and cater to advanced users. It incorporates features that are suitable for all wheeled sports.

Skate parks provide BMX riders and skateboarders with a safe, challenging place to improve their skills while enjoying great physical activity. It's the perfect place to learn a skill and use energy creatively while overcoming obstacles.

Innocrafts Project

Offaly Local Development Company and Westmeath Community Development have developed an enterprise craft training programme in partnership with Finnish Craft Producers. This is an Innovative Programme which provides craft makers in both Countries with opportunities to develop new techniques and skills and look at the use of different materials to adapt their current offerings of products or to create new products. It also examines retail opportunities in Finland and Ireland. The Programme will also feed into an enterprise and product development programme and will look at the marketing and promotion of the craft makers work exploring new technologies and use of e-commerce, social media, retail events etc as avenues for promotion and selling of craft products. This cross fertilisation of skills with makers from both countries and from different disciplines will provide a new platform for all craft makers. The focus of this project is the development and implementation of a strategically designed professional training and development programme for the creative sector enabling enterprises in this sector to fully realise their talents – creatively and commercially. Key aspects to be delivered on include the necessary mentoring, training and development continuity supports required that will bring businesses from inception phase through to strong, customer-driven businesses that can market and sell locally, nationally and internationally. Irish Rural Link recently completed a Case Study on the Innocrafts project for the HRN Leader Cooperation Case Study booklet.This study features some examples of cooperation projects funded under the RDP 2014 - 2022.

Lusmagh Heritage Walk

The Parish of Lusmagh lies to the south of Banagher in the County of Offaly. It is bounded on three sides by rivers, (Shannon, Little Brosna and Lusmagh, or Rapemills, River), so it is almost an island. In church organisation it continues to be part of the Diocese of Clonfert, a Galway diocese. An ancient name: The word "Lusmagh" means "Herb (lus) Plain (magh),"