MenPower: Are you interested in finding direction and expanding your horizons? Then join us on the MenPower programme. Participants will be given the opportunity to find purpose, to make connections, to greatly reduce stress and anxiety, and improve their self-esteem.

Training Course name:

MenPower Group Training Programme

Who is it suitable for?

Men over 18 years of age, who may feel, lost, confused or lacking focus or direction. It is also suitable for men experiencing employment related issues.

What is the course content?

The MenPower programme supports men to learn new skills to help them manage and maintain better mental health and wellbeing. The programme combines a unique mix of mental health, adult guidance, physical activity and a social space that affords men the opportunity to explore the following:

  • How to be and stay well
  • Barriers to achieving their goals and desires
  • How to plan for their future.

Many professional individuals and agencies, both internal and external contribute to the programme, sharing their insights, wisdom and knowledge. On a Wednesday the focus of the session is mental fitness while Thursday’s sessions focus on taking positive actions to move forward and develop a life plan.

Course Times  

Wednesdays:      10am – 1pm

Thursdays:           10am – 2pm


Offaly Local Development Company, Millennium House, Main Street, Tullamore, Co. Offaly R35 Y7P2


Open to any man over the age of 18, there is no upper age limit. Men can refer themselves or be referred by their GP or a support worker. Men must be willing to commit to the group two mornings a week.

Course Start date:

Three, 4 week training programmes a year and three 12 week programmes a year.

When does the next course start

1st February 2023

What days will the training be on

Wednesdays and Thursdays

How will the course be delivered

The course will be delivered face to face in small groups. Two one to one sessions will also be assigned to each man.

What support do you offer to Learners

MenPower staff are available by appointment if needed, prior to a group session commencing, during group or after group if one requires a listening ear or support with regards to issues one may be experiencing. If staff are unable to support you, they will signpost you to someone that can.

Is the course certified

No, the course is not certified. Men that complete the 12-week programme will receive a certificate of participation.

Is there a fee to take part

Participation on this programme is free and will not affect social welfare benefits. A light lunch and refreshments are provided.

What are the maximum number of participants taken on the course

 Small group setting (adhering to Covid restrictions and guidelines)

For further information please contact:

Aoife Kelly

MenPower Programme Coordinator

Offaly Local Development Company

Millennium House

Main Street


Co. Offaly

Tel: 087 738 5989



We can also be contacted through reception at Offaly Local Development Company 057 932 2850 /



 “Helps you to stop and think and take some time to yourself. Plenty of information and very relaxed atmosphere”.

 “A place to get information on how to change to a positive mindset.”

“ I learned that I am not alone feeling like this there are people out there that will help.”

"I have just finished a 12-week course called MenPower. I am speaking from the bottom of my heart, Aoife and Des have saved my life. 12/13 weeks ago, all I could do was go from the bed to the chair and back again punctuated by a single visit to Tesco self-service on a Wednesday and back to bed. I didn't know what time of day or night it was, it didn't matter.

Now I've been showering every Tuesday night for the last 12 weeks in anticipation of the next two days with the MenPower group. I'm back to some decent sleep for a change and a completely different person than the one that came in.

But it was the meeting, laughing, crying sharing and the listening to each other that has me hopeful for the future, I can now safely say I have my brothers and friends and no man will be left behind.

I am at a total loss as to how this programme hasn't been rolled out countrywide, it’s a damn shame. Men like us in MenPower are in dire straits. I see them everywhere, turning to anything that will take away the darkness just for a few hours.

A pal, a friend, a buddy, that is what is needed in my humble opinion for men who are lost, plus tea, sandwiches and a good laugh go a long long way!

MenPower simply needs to expand and get this initiative right across the country especially in the rural areas of this land.

Every man out there needs to hear and learn about MenPower, it saved my life.

Kind regards,

Mick (MenPower graduate!)"



Menpower - Partner Organisations
Menpower - Partner Organisations