Craftlink - Connecting Creative Communities

In partnership with Westmeath Community Development, Rieska & Keskipiste Leader (Finland) we have developed a hands-on cross cultural exchange programme exploring heritage & culture and focusing on developing new techniques and product development.

We support existing creatives to advance their businesses whilst also encouraging international networking opportunities which may arise. As well as emerging creatives on their path towards business development.

Craftlink seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of the creative sector to our national economy and supports that may be required for sustainable growth. Through this programme we will learn more about the cultural and creative similarities and differences between both countries.

Craftlink provides an opportunity to explore traditional skills whilst embracing the use of new and emerging technologies.  An online platform has been developed which showcases both Irish and Finnish creatives, thus encouraging meaningful long-term networking and business opportunities. A number of intercultural exchanges have taken place between both countries including; design masterclasses, skill sharing workshops, in person visits to maker’s workshops and networking opportunities.

As part of our initial Covid-19 response we implemented;

  • Digital Marketing Training
  • New Product Development Training
  • Live Streamed ‘Meet the Maker’ Events
  • Development of a Digital Catalogue for retailers

This resulted in the creative sector availing of a package of professional supports to enhance their online presence and increase their market outreach.

As a result of the increased networking and exchange the creatives have now driven a Craft Collaboration Project, facilitated and encouraged by Craftlink, through the provision of training, documentation, photography, storytelling and promotion. The end result of this will be a professional exhibition showcasing the work developed in both countries this coming year.

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