Legacy - Craft Masters

Celebrating The Extraordinary Talents Of Our Traditional Skills Masters, Enjoy Our Series Of Short Documentaries That Showcase The Best Traditional Craftspeople.

Offaly Local Development Company’s “Legacy” Traditional Skills Training Programme aims to recognise and record Masters of their Craft in the Offaly area.

‘Legacy – Craft Masters’ initiative to celebrate the traditional skills masters of the County. The programme highlights the significance of these skills in our cultural heritage and aims to ensure their continuity for future generations.

The “Legacy” traditional skills programme acknowledges the importance of traditional crafts and the need to keep them alive in our rapidly evolving society. It seeks to revolutionise the perception and appreciation of these crafts in Offaly and beyond.

The primary objectives of the “Legacy” training programme are:

Preserve Traditional Skills: Identify and safeguard traditional skills and crafts that are at risk of being lost in time.
Facilitate Learning and Appreciation: Provide individuals with opportunities to learn and appreciate traditional skills, fostering a sense of pride and respect for our heritage.
Revitalise Traditional Skills: Bring traditional skills into the modern era, promoting their relevance and ensuring their sustainability for future generations.

Video documentaries coming soon.