Press Release on Craftlink

Press Release on Craftlink

 Thu, 23rd May, 2024

Craftlink as a Career Seminar Inpiries Students at esker Arts Centre

For Immediate Release

Craftlink, a partnership with Offaly Local Development Company and Westmeath Community Development, recently hosted a highly successful Craft as a Career Seminar at Esker Arts Centre. The seminar facilitated by Aileen Duffy (AD Training & Consultancy) provided invaluable insights and inspiration for students interested in pursing a career in the art or craft industries. Guest Speakers Jane Walsh from Button Studio, John Farrell of Esker Design, and artist Rosemarie Langtry shared their creative journeys and discussed how successfully built professional careers from their artistic endeavors.

The Craft as a Career Seminar aimed to inspire and guide students by offering firsthand experience and advice from professionals in the craft and art industries. Students had the unique opportunity to gain insights and inspiration from these creative professionals who have navigated the creative landscape and built their successful creative enterprises.

The feedback from both students and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants expressing their thanks for the chance to learn from experienced individuals in the creative field.

In addition to the seminar, students had the opportunity to visit the interpretation space and explore the main Murmuration exhibition. The exhibition showcased the impressive works of 16 talented artists and designers from both Ireland & Finland, further enhancing the students' artistic experiences and broadening their perspectives.

Craftlink, an enterprise craft training programme funded under the LEADER Programme 2014 - 2023 and developed by Westmeath Community Development & Offaly Local Development Comapny, is committed to fostering creativity, nurturing young talent, and supporting existing creative businesses. Through initiatives such as the Craft as a Career Seminar, Craftlink provides aspiring young designers with the guidance and inspiration needed to explore the possibilities of successful careers in the art and craft industries.

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