Preserving Traditional Skills with Offaly's "Legacy" Training Programme

Preserving Traditional Skills with Offaly's "Legacy" Training Programme

 Tue, 25th Apr, 2023

Preserving Traditional Skills with Offaly's "Legacy" Training Programme

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Offaly Local Development Company's "Legacy" training program, aimed at preserving traditional skills and ensuring they don't get lost in time. As lovers of traditional crafts, we understand the importance of keeping these skills alive for future generations, and we believe that this program will revolutionise the way these crafts are viewed in Offaly and beyond.

The "Legacy" program aims to bridge the gap between past and present by offering a series of training events throughout Offaly. With an array of traditional crafts to choose from, participants can learn basket weaving, wood turning, soap making, knitting and crochet, sewing skills, blacksmithing, lacemaking, or tapestry weaving. The aim of the program is to revitalise and preserve these skills for future generations.

The art of traditional skills was once an essential part of everyday life in every town and village across the country. However, with the changing times, these skills have become less important, and some even consider them to be a thing of the past. The "Legacy" program aims to change this perception and ensure that these valuable traditional skills are not forgotten.

Commencing this May, the "Legacy" training program will be rolled out across the county. If you're interested in learning a new skill or want to hone your existing skills, then the "Legacy" training program is the perfect event for you. Built on our previous successful program, this exciting opportunity aims to preserve valuable traditional skills and ensure that they are not lost to future generations.

By participating in the program, you'll be contributing to the larger cause of keeping these skills alive. We encourage everyone to participate in this program and spread the word about it. By doing so, we can ensure that traditional skills are not forgotten and are passed down to future generations.

This project is funded through the Leader Rural Development Programme by Offaly Local Development Company.

Futher information and details to follow. If you would like to register your interest in the programme: