New MenPower Programme 2023

New MenPower Programme 2023

 Tue, 10th Jan, 2023

The first MenPower programme of the year will commence on Wednesday, February 1st. The group will operate on Wednesdays (10-1) and Thursdays (10-2) for period of 12 weeks from Millennium House, Main Street Tullamore. 

Men will be given the opportunity to find direction, to find purpose, to make connections, to reduce stress and anxiety and improve their self-esteem.

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Past Participant Testimonial

I have just finished a 12-week course called MenPower. I am speaking from the bottom of my heart, Aoife and Des have saved my life. 12/13 weeks ago, all I could do was go from the bed to the chair and back again punctuated by a single visit to Tesco self-service on a Wednesday and back to bed. I didn't know what time of day or night it was, it didn't matter.

Now I've been showering every Tuesday night for the last 12 weeks in anticipation of the next two days with the MenPower group. I'm back to some decent sleep for a change and a completely different person than the one that came in.

But it was the meeting, laughing, crying sharing and the listening to each other that has me hopeful for the future, I can now safely say I have my brothers and friends and no man will be left behind.

I am at a total loss as to how this programme hasn't been rolled out countrywide, it’s a damn shame. Men like us in MenPower are in dire straits. I see them everywhere, turning to anything that will take away the darkness just for a few hours.

A pal, a friend, a buddy, that is what is needed in my humble opinion for men who are lost, plus tea, sandwiches and a good laugh go a long long way!

MenPower simply needs to expand and get this initiative right across the country especially in the rural areas of this land.

Every man out there needs to hear and learn about MenPower, it saved my life.

Kind regards,

Mick (MenPower graduate!)