More Mojo Progamme

More Mojo Progamme

 Tue, 22nd May, 2018

The Graduates of the Mojo programme continue to meet.

Men who complete the 12 week Mojo Progamme can continue to meet on Friday mornings to engage in social and educational activities. The Friday group known as “Mojo Brothers” (Mojo Graduates) provide men opportunities to maintain positive structures, increase social outlets while learning new skills in a fun and safe environment and is conducive to promoting autonomy and a sense of positive wellbeing.

The men recently completed a workshop on Assertiveness which was hosted by Mojo, Offaly Local Development Company and delivered by Seamus Sheedy, Founder of Midlands Mental Health. The course included the following topics: What is assertiveness? Why be assertive? What are the key benefits? And freeing oneself from fears around assertiveness.

One of the Mojo Graduates commented that the course was “very enjoyable, one of the best courses yet”

If you would like to find out more about The Mojo Programme, contact Caroline Brickland on 086 602 88 01 or email