Employment Updates

Birr & Tullamore Jobs Club Update on operations during COVID - 19

We are continuing to:

  • Post jobs and update our Facebook pages
  • Continue CV preparation and supporting those looking for work
  • Ongoing linkage with employers who are seeking to hire staff.
  • Supporting individuals to complete application from for jobs, COVID - 19 forms and general queries in this regard.

Done by email, phone and Facebook

See HERE fro more information 

Birr Jobs Club

Have you recently lost your job or had your hours reduced and you need help, please contact us in the Job Club. We are currently closed to the public but are still working in the office every day providing a telephone, email and social media service to anyone who needs our assistance.

We can help you with your CV, filling out application forms etc.

If you need to apply for the Corvid - 19 pandemic payment with DEASP and have no facilities to print or access email, we are leaving application forms in a box outside our door. Please feel free to collect one. We will also post you out a form if you cannot access our office.

Contact details:

Phone: 057 9123940

Text: 087 2802919

Email: birrjobclub@offalyldc.ie


Tullamore Jobs Club

If you have recently had your hours reduced or have lost your job and you are in need of help, please contact us here in the Job Club. We are closed to the public, but we are still here working every day and we are accessible by phone, text, email and messenger.

Phone: 057 9352467

Text: 087 2904333

Email: tullamorejobclub@offalyldc.ie

 If you have a CV that needs updating please email us a copy and we will give you a call to collect the details.

 If you are in need of a new CV, please call in to Millennium House for a blank CV template. We have left a number of them outside the Job Club door. You can take it home, fill it in and drop it back in at your convenience. We will then contact you to register you and arrange collection.

As always this service is FREE.

Please note that our service is for unemployed people only and its not for people in full time employment. You must be over 18.

If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.