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Welcome to our Health Promotion page, offering short video clips to support Positive Mental Health.

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If you are a Sports Club that has participated in Part 1 of 'Sport Your Mind' (Coaches & Parents), this is the short media clip for uploading onto your Club Website or Facebook page to promote Positive Mental Health messages among your Young People



Do you ever feel anxious before an interview? Would you like to learn how to
reduce nervousness by using body language? 
Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist at Harvard Business School tells us how.



How does diet & lifestyle effect the Brain?
What can we do to improve the health of our brain?
Daniel Amen, Psychiatrist & Medical Director of Amen Clinics explains all.



How self-disciplined are you?

Joachim de Posada shares a landmark experiment on delayed gratification and how it can predict future success. This is known as The Marshmallow Experiment!



Is there a secret to success?

Analyst Richard St. John condenses years of interviews into an unmissable 3-minute presentation. A must for any job-seekers or entrepreneurs.



Can a good night’s sleep lead to mental wellness?

Russell Foster, Neuroscientist, teaches us why it matters.

How does our perceptive impact on our outlook in life?

Shawn Achor, Lecture in Positive Psychology explains how.

Can we, as parents, help ensure the healthy emotional development of our children? Here’s three videos which gives us an inside look at the science.





A HSE Health Promotion funded initiative delivering Workshops & Training Programmes raising awareness on
Mental Health & Suicide Awareness throughout Offaly, Laois, Westmeath & Longford.

For more information, Please contact Anthony O’ Prey

Mobile: 087 178 5685 E-mail: aoprey[at]