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During Spring 2011 Rural Social Scheme (RSS) participants undertook a piece of work in the old Church of Ireland graveyard, situated in the middle of the historic Daingean town. This is a recorded monument and over the years has been sadly neglected.

The scheme has worked closely with Daingean Development Association, Amanda Pedlow, Heritage Officer, Offaly County Council, Edenderry Area Office and the National Monuments Service of the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government.  The objective was to assist Daingean Development Association to enhance and bring about a significant overall improvement to the graveyard and thereby greatly enhance the overall appearance of the town of Daingean.

Having secured permission from the relevant bodies to carry out the project, work commenced during the month of February, the RSS participants cleared all the brambles and vegetation debris to allow access for grass cutting and together with the members of the Association the RSS will continue to work to improve the overall appearance of the graveyard.

Already the feedback has been very positive from the people living in the town and visitors to the town as they hadn’t realised the size of the site until it was cleared and interest has been sparked into research of the gravestones.


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Daingean COI graveyard enhancement by Rural Social Scheme participants - Spring 2011

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