***** OLDC NEWS ARCHIVE ITEM........... PUBLISHED 14.06.11 *****

In early June households in Birr and South Offaly received a free copy of a new information directory that has been produced by a group of volunteers from the area. The directory, which contains information on a range of local services and supports, should prove a useful resource to all people living in the area.

The need for the directory was identified early last year as part of a local initiative involving the communities in the area, Birr Primary Care Team, HSE, Offaly Community Forum and Offaly Local Development Company. The group of volunteers - representing different areas in South Offaly - was supported by these agencies to bring the project to fruition.

The 43 page directory contains a brief description of relevant services as well as phone numbers, e mail and website addresses, with a range of national freephone and low call numbers included, allowing for ease of access to the services listed. Many of the services listed are located in Birr, Roscrea and Tullamore, while a number of regional and national services are also listed where appropriate.

The publication outlines supports relating to Education, Employment, Young People, Childcare, Parenting, Older People, Business, Health, Environment, Disability, Farming, Welfare and much more.

The volunteers coordinated the drop off of the booklet to households in the area. Additional copies are available in local shops and the directory can also be downloaded by clicking here or to request a copy please contact Offaly Local Development Company on 057 9151 622.

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Birr & South Offaly Information Directory (June 2011)


Volunteers who produced Birr & South Offaly Information Directory, pictured with representatives from Birr Primary Care Team, HSE, Offaly Community Forum and Offaly Local Development Company 


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