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Offaly Volunteer Centre wishes to thank all for their participation in the recent photo competition 'Capturing the Spirit of Volunteering in Offaly'  to celebrate the European Year of Volunteering 2011. 

Competition entries came from many areas around Offaly with the winning entry coming from a Rath based organisation, Streetwise Buildings. This organisation works on the ground in South Africa in construction of educational facilities in the poorest of townships.  Offaly Volunteer Centre advertises opportunities for all construction workers interested in helping out with the projects.  Fundraising events are also an important part of Streetwise Buildings work.  Visit www.streetwisebuildings.ie for more information.

Big Hands
'Big Hands' The winning entry in Offaly Volunteer Centre's 
'Capturing the Spirit of Volunteering in Offaly' Photographic Competition

The runner up entries came from Banagher and Daingean and the entries illustrate volunteers at work in their local areas.  Photos are of Banagher Tidy Town's volunteers in action reseeding the grass edge of the road leading into the town, while the Daingean volunteers are painting the wall of the graveyard.

Volunteerism is important in local communities as there is a firm belief that volunteering in our community is crucial to bringing people, the community and businesses needs together.  A volunteer receives much more back than they give.  They have the satisfaction of giving back to a community and have the opportunity to meet many new people and develop lifelong friendships.  Children and young people benefit greatly from volunteering because it teaches compassion, humility, gratitude and a good work ethic which are all great qualities that will follow them throughout their life.

  1. www.volunteeroffaly.ie for more information or to source a volunteering opportunity.

Competition winners and runners up receiving their awards. Representatives from 
Streetwise Buildings (Rath), Banagher Tidy Towns and Daingean Volunteers

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