***** OLDC NEWS ARCHIVE ITEM........... PUBLISHED 03.01.12 *****

Have you ever considered the prospect of self employment but were not quite sure of where to go next or what is involved in the process?

Starting up an enterprise can be a daunting process for many people. We can offer clients a variety of supports that will prove less intimidating and ease the transition to Self Employment.

Where to Next is a free pre enterprise support session which deals with:

  • General advice on Starting up a Business.
  • One to one mentoring with an experienced Enterprise Officer.
  • Idea Exploration.
  • How to determine whether your idea is feasible or not.
  • Support in identifying training opportunities to assist start-up.
  • Information on what supports are available including Back to Work Enterprise Allowance.
  • Information on potential grant aiding and other resources available.
  • Information on Revenue and Legal Requirements.
The OLDC Enterprise Officer will be available to meet clients one-to-one in CLARA on Thursday, 12th JANUARY 2012 in the Clara Family Resource Centre. To make an appointment, contact the Resource Centre on 057 9331 928 or our Banagher office on 057 9151 622
Click here to download brochure: One-to-One Support for Self Employment

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