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Exciting New Training Opportunities


We are delighted to be in a position to offer a new opportunity to craft makers. In keeping with our aim of promoting Craft makers in the midlands we are always searching for new ways of spreading the word and giving craft makers a better retail platform.


Over the coming months a special series of marketing related courses will be run. In conjunction with these courses we will be setting up an online craft shop. The purpose of the courses is to help makers to prepare their own products for display in the shop and also to promote their own end of the store.

The courses include:

  • EBay Training including photography
  • Merchandising & Display Training
  • Wholesale Training

EBay training

This includes the concepts of creating and managing an eBay store, including uploading products, dealing with customers and ongoing maintenance. Ongoing support will be made available to individual makers.

Marketing the store

This includes social networking and online marketing

Commencing Tuesday 18th May 2010.

Limited to ten participants. Places will be allocated on first come first served basis.


To coincide with the eBay development there will be an opportunity for makers to have professional product photography.

Award winning photographer Gerry Morgan   

Limited availability.

Merchandising & Display

Do you want to be trained by world-class practitioners in the crafts industry?

A unique and exciting opportunity to be trained by two of the most prominent designers in the industry, Brian Kennedy and Peter Ting.

The training will be appointment based, with the focus on dealing directly with makers and their issues of both display presentation and product development. There will also be a focus on setting up your stand for craft fairs or retail shows.

For the last 10 years Brian Kennedy has worked within the creative industry sector, advising organisations on strategies and artistic development, curating exhibitions and purchasing for collections. Kennedy has worked with state agencies, private firms and individual makers. Increasingly he has been working at placing Irish craft within an international context.

Peter Ting has been working as a creative consultant in the luxury industry for over 20 years. His clients range from department stores to small niche brands, manufacturers with hundred of employees to those who work as a small co-operative unit.

When: 24th, 25th, 26th May 2010. (broken down into 1 day programmes)

Limited availability. Places will be allocated on first come first serve basis.

Coming up: Wholesale Training

Further information will be available on this in the coming weeks. 

Contact for more information:

Offaly Local Development Company          Westmeath Community Development

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Main Street                                                  Clonmore

Tullamore                                                    Mullingar

Co. Offaly                                                     Co. Westmeath

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Tel: 057 9322850                                                     Tel: 044 9348571






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