***** OLDC NEWS ARCHIVE ITEM........... PUBLISHED 19.01.12 *****

OLDC is organising a training programme for Tourism Providers in County Offaly. The training is focusing on customers - knowing what they want and meeting their needs and of course making a profit by running a more effective and efficient tourism business. Programme content will include; marketing your business/destination, customer service, the internet/social networking, presenting your product, writing for business and developing networks.  The course will also provide an insight into community & rural development, Offaly’s heritage, attractions and festivals and Offaly’s food and craft sectors. We will also explore the opportunities that all of these elements present for Offaly tourism businesses in the future.  

A number of site visits have also been planned to tourist destinations and attractions within Offaly and beyond. These visits will focus on increasing participants’ knowledge of Offaly’s heritage and attractions while visits outside the county will focus on best practice learning from other parts of the country.

As part of the marketing and social media training participants will have access to a professional photographer and film maker to develop eye catching photographs and film to promote their business/destination.

OLDC believes that now more than ever support and training to all in the tourism sector in Offaly is required in order for current providers and new entrants to develop their respective businesses. It is envisaged that this training and support will allow participants to develop new opportunities to grow and develop their business and to meet customer needs. This will ultimately lead to an increase in their income and an increase in the number of tourist visiting County Offaly.

The training programme will commence during February 2012. For further information contact Pauline Hoctor, Offaly Local Development Company on 057 9352467 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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