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The purpose of the course is to ensure that food handlers have through understanding of the parameters which affect Food Safety.  This course will provide those who might be interested in establishing their own food business,or who already in business/employed in the food industry, with the core fundamental requirements necessary to establish/maintain good hygiene practices in their food business.


Learners who successfully complete this course wil:

  • have a through understanding of the principles of food safety.
  • Be able to demonstrate the highest food hygiene standards and guarantee food quality and product safety.
  • Understand the principles of HACCP and take a lead role within their own workplace in putting HACCP plans in place including evalution of food hazards in their own processing operations.
  • Be able to evalute their own food operation with respect to hygiene, food safety, and quality management in context of:- Legislative requirements of voluntary Standards, Customer/Consumer requirements, Consumer health and safety.
  • Understand the causes and prevention of food spoilage and adopt measures for controlling Hazards.
  • Understand the principles behind Food Safety Management and pre requisite requirements in general hygiene, Cleaning, pest control, general hygiene in the workplace and supplier control.


Preferred Entry Level:

Leaving Certificate or qualification and or relevant life and work experience.

A Working and spoken english is required to undertake this programme.

Qualifying criteria may apply


Topics Covered:

Unit 1 Induction to Food Safety

Unit 2 Introdution to HACCP and its principles

Unit 3 Food Hazards and their Control

Unit 4 Hygiene and the workplace

Unit 5 HACCP Plans: Application, Development and implementation

Unit 6 General Management, Prerequisite requirements and Supplier Control


Duration: 3 full days

Course fee: €50


Course Dates:

Tuesday 20th May 2014 9.30am-5pm

Tuesday 27th May 2014 9.30am-5pm

Tuesday 3rd June 2014 9.30am-5pm


Course Location:

Business & Technology Park

Ballycumber Road


County Offaly


Contact: Maedhbh Gordon or Donal Egan

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 057 9151 622 or 090 6453 926

Mobile: 087 1782989 or 086 3573574 


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